Monday, January 12, 2015

Liu Bei – A Band Review

      Liu Bei is a band that’s one song removed from experiencing a major breakout. Liu Bei has four songs uploaded to its Soundcloud account, with the addition of “Fields” this morning. Then, there’s a fifth song at their Bandcamp site. After listening to the five songs a number of times, we concluded that all five are blogworthy. Liu Bei only needs that “hit” that triggers a wide-spread curiosity and exploration into the body of work from the band.
     The song “Goodness” has received some well-deserved attention in the blogosphere. And we enjoy “Fields,” particularly because the collaboration with Rachel Goswell (of Slowdive) provides a melodic blend of male and female vocals (and we always appreciate it when a band incorporates a cello into a song that has an emotional feel to it).
      Still, “Atlas World” is our favorite song by Liu Bei. The mixing is exceptional and the energy transitions (for example, at 2:20) are well executed. The sound of Liu Bei includes processed vocals, with “Atlas World” being no exception. And the portions of the song that feature a non-complex use of the keyboard (for example, the beginning and the last 15 seconds) provide an instrumental backdrop that doesn’t step on the vocals.
      Liu Bei is a London band that comprises Aaron Graham, Dan Joyce, Matt Reynolds, PJP, and Richard Walters.

     “Atlas World”

     “Fields" featuring Rachel Goswell of Slowdive


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