Sunday, January 25, 2015

“I Believe” by We Were Strangers – A Song Review

     Stefan Melbourne is “stepping away from performing as Stefan Melbourne and launching a new project called 'We Were Strangers.’” That’s an announcement on his personal Facebook page. It’s a straightforward statement. But if the promise of the first song from the project is believed, the music world should pay close attention. Indie Obsessive is among those who respond to that promise with an emphatic “I Believe.”

     We don’t know the names of the other members of the project. The media sites of We Were Strangers are almost barren of information. The pictures appear to be from the early stages of an effective pillow fight – not much insight there. But We Were Strangers only released their first song this week, so details may follow soon.

     “I Believe” is a somber track with instrumental and vocal surges that convey the emotions of the lyrics. The song is about the male member of a couple still having belief in the relationship, but the female keeps pushing him back, “and that hurts.” The early portions of the song are carried by the piano, while the string instrument (cello?) has an increasing importance to the emotional feel as the song progresses. 

     “I Believe” by We Were Strangers

     “Something of Mine” by Stefan Melbourne (featuring Chloe Leavers)

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