Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Little Empire Records Offers a Strong Collection

      Yesterday, the record label “My Little Empire” presented a “name your price” collection of 19 songs on Bandcamp. The London record label is less than a year old, so the strength of the collection is surprising. For us, “Passing Ships” by the Travelling Band leads the way, but there are others in the collection that we recommend.
     The Bandcamp opportunity is embedded below. The Soundcloud versions of the songs we recommend are also included. You may find others more attractive, but that's a healthy aspect of music appreciation and a complement to the up-and-coming record label.

     “Passing Ships” by the Travelling Band
     “Stereo" by Tenterhook

     “We Are Sound" by Corbu

     “Give Me Over" by Heath

     “Goodbye" by My Sad Captains

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