Monday, January 19, 2015

“Toledo” by Glass Elephant – A Song Review

     Just in the first minute of Glass Elephant’s “Toledo,” there are three unrelated reasons to find yourself saying, “Hey, I like that.” First, there’s a clean guitar that repeats a simple three note/four note pattern, but causes us to pause anything else we might be doing when “Toledo” hits the top of our playlist. Then comes a lyric having a subtle but clever misdirection, as the reference switches from time (days) to distance (miles) -
Cause I’ll feel better in a day or two or 365… miles away.” Immediately after that statement, there is a vocal cooperation (lead with backing vocals) that has much in common with one of the characteristics that we enjoy most from The National.  
     Glass Elephant is based on Brooklyn and comprises Russ Flynn (lead vocals, guitars, organ, Wurlitzer and synthesizers), Sam Petitti (backing vocals and guitars), Jack Hill (backing vocals, electric bass and synth bass), and Danny Wolf (backing vocals, drums, percussion and programming).

 “Toledo” by Glass Elephant 

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