Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Folks We Oughta Know – The January Version

     On a semi-regular basis, a post is dedicated to the Indie Folk genre. Even though it has been less than a month since the last one, this post has more than its share of deserving entries

     Indie Obsessive featured John Butler Trio prior to the 2014 Bonnaroo Festival. Since then, the Australians have released another treat – “Spring to Come.” The John Butler Trio is based in Fremantle, Australia and is formed of John Butler, Nicky Bomba (Drums), and Byron Luiters (Bass). They will visit the U.S. more than once this year, including a stop in Monterey, California on May 22.

     If you listen to the XM satellite radio stations that feature Canadian Indie music, you’re probably aware of “Rollin’” by Current Swell. It’s a road trip song that continues to receive radio play almost a year after its release. The band is based in Victoria, British Columbia, and the members are Scott Stanton, Davers Lang, Chris Petersen, and Ghosty Boy. Current Swell will be at The Fillmore in San Francisco on April 23.

    In December 2014, Brian Motyll released the 10-track album “Opal” by Riverhorse. We debated over whether to post “”County Fair” or “I Think It’s Time,” since they both deserve exposure to a wide audience. We selected “Country Fair” for its cooperative vocals and the Lumineers-type brief shouts and counts. Motyll is offering "Opal" on a name-your-own-price basis, if you visit the Bandcamp site that is included after the song.

     Don’t judge the next song by its first 52 seconds – there is a force to “You Look Like Trouble (But I Guess I Do Too)” by Lisa LeBlanc. Start the song and then get out of the way. Otherwise, it will push you out of its way - not once, but twice. LeBlanc is a Canadian based in Rosaireville, New Brunswick.

     Cigarettes and Milk is an odd name, but the same can be said for our blog title. The performer is actually named Nathan Przekop. He is in Norwich, Connecticut. This month, five songs were released on Bandcamp, again on a name-your-own-price basis. The Bandcamp site is included below). Our favorite of the songs is “Vagabond.”  

     From Thousand Oaks, California comes Mountaineer!. That’s the performance name of Danny Poissant. The song is “Nested.”

     “Breathe Your Last” by Jameson blends strong banjo playing with harmonization and interesting percussion. Jameson is in Santa Ana, California and its members are Jameson Burt, David Beste, and Dallas Kruse.

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