Saturday, January 31, 2015

Videos of the Week

     There were two strong performances on U.S. late night television. The first was by Milo Greene. The Los Angeles band visited Conan. On February 11, they will perform at The Independent in San Francisco.

     Ben Howard and his skilled bandmates put on an entertaining performance with David Letterman. Often, Letterman will not pay attention to his musical guests during their songs. With Ben Howard, he paid attention and even asked a relevant question afterward. On the other hand, when he walked over to talk, Letterman called them “Ben Harper.” Letterman can be a clown when he interacts with the bands, but he will be missed after he retires this year.
      Ben Howard will also be in the San Francisco Bay Area on February 11. Howard will visit the Fox Theatre in Oakland.

And for fun, here’s a commercial for orange juice. 

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