Sunday, January 11, 2015

Three Videos – But Time Well Spent

     Other music blogs are much better at finding and featuring videos, so Indie Obsessive has posted fewer than the other blogs. That may change somewhat in 2015, but primarily to share some out-of-the-ordinary (extraordinary) videos that we find interesting.
     A few years ago, we attended a concert at a local venue (Shoreline Amphitheatre) and our seats were just to the left of the sound engineers of the bands. The sound engineer of Jane’s Addiction (we think, but aren’t certain) was a show in himself. He was very high energy with no inhibition in showing his dance moves. So, when we bumped into the below video from Afgan Whigs, we had to smile.

     While most agree that the piano is a percussion instrument, there are some who assert that an instrument with 88 strings is a string instrument, even if the strings are played by hitting them with hammers. Everyone is right when The Piano Guys use a piano to cover One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” (This one is an older video by the Piano Guys (2012), but it is our favorite).  

     Then, there’s the video entitled “Nisandeh Neta Just DO it differently!” The guy in the video is less impressed than we are.

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