Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pennybirdrabbit Makes an Impression on The Late Late Show

     Some of the late night television talk shows allocate the final minutes for performances by Indie artists. Each weekday, we record at least one for later viewing. The shows provide opportunities to become familiar with previously unknown bands and with the performance skills of known bands.
     Craig Ferguson was the host of The Late Late Show, until he recently decided to move along. The hosts will vary until March. Last week, Drew Carey was hosting and he brought in a friend. The story of how Carey and Pennybirdrabbit met is in the second half of the Youtube video that's embedded below.
     Pennybirdrabbit resides in the Electronica genre, but went acoustic on The Late Late Show. Her song “Said It to Me” was capturing.  The song tells a story of an ended romance. The male repeats the pattern with another woman, but the song expresses a reaction of empathy rather than satisfaction. 
     When Pennybirdrabbit finishes her song, Drew Carey runs over and hugs her. It's a little muffled, but the first thing Carey says to her is, "Killed It." We cannot agree more.

     In addition to the Youtube video of the performance and subsequent interview on The Late Late Show of January 8, 2015, the Soundcloud “plugged” version of the song is embedded below.     

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  1. I first heard of her when she worked with the M Machine a while back. She's amazing and deserves more attention.