Thursday, October 18, 2018

“Wide Eyes” by County Line Runner – A Song Feature

     With a deceptive calmness, County Line Runner poetically explores the topic of longingly looking back. While explaining “Wide Eyes,” he stated that it is about someone coming to grips with the realization that “going back is now harder than moving on."

      County Line Runner is Adam Day in creative collaboration with his long-term friend Sam Baldwin. The musical influences are identified as Americana artists, Tom Petty and 80’s/90's Bob Dylan. In “Wide Eyes,” the most significant influence sounds to be War on Drugs, particularly in the masterful outro, when higher frequency guitars dance atop the rhythm of a bass line that has a visceral attraction.

     In a July 2018 post, we featured “Hard To Find” by County Line Runner. It also dealt with the difficulty of changing course, observing that “Love is hard to find, but it’s harder to leave.” Clearly, the man has skills in putting words to life experiences.

     “Wide Eyes” by County Line Runner

Lyrics of “Wide Eyes” by County Line Runner
How were you
Supposed to know
Where it comes from
Or where it goes?

And how were you
Supposed to believe
The storms raging
Out at sea?

Strangers beds
And your wide eyes
Wondering how
You even got there

No one knows it
But you might just find it there

Standing in the doorway
Tryin’ to get back
Carryin’ your world
In a bag

You had nothing on you that
You wouldn’t leave behind
Just one thing
That was on your mind

Strangers beds
And your wide eyes
In the arms
Of despair

No one knows it
But you might just find it there

Yeah, and standing
Standing in the doorway
You realize
Just what you had
How you keep
Keep pushing it away

Sometimes it
It don’t come back
You might find it there
And nobody knows that

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