Tuesday, October 9, 2018

“Plasticine Mezzanine” by CREO – A Song Feature

     The first few seconds of “Plasticine Mezzanine” are percussive attention-grabbers, the last few are pulsating, Baba O’Riley-like (The Who) send-offs, and between those bookends is an often-changing but continuously forceful display of the skills possessed by CREO. The song reinforced our resolve to attend a CREO performance if the quartet decides to make the journey from Australia.

     “Plasticine Mezzanine” includes the passionate screams that characterize the CREO sound. The most effective scream occurs as an exit to the only breather within the song (starting around the three-minute mark). But there are features that set the song apart from other tracks in the band’s discography. At its center is a chant of “I’m only happy when I sing this song.” Immediately before the pulsating outro is a touch of lyrical layering. And the length of the steps that define the tempo changes is noticeably increased.

      “Plasticine Mezzanine” is the second single off the band's upcoming EP, “In The Red,” coming out Friday, October 26th. The first was the title track. CREO is based in Sydney, Australia. The members are Jorjee Haman (vocals), Carlos Romanos (guitar), Daniel Tsoltoudis (drums), and Alex Milano (bass).

     “Plasticine Mezzanine” by CREO

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