Monday, October 15, 2018

“Yesterday” by Fontaine – A Song Feature

     We all notice similarities in outward appearance of brothers, but don’t often think about vocal characteristics that result from similarities in internal body parts. Fontaine is a duo formed of Ike and Luke Fontaine. They are originally from Massachusetts, but have relocated to Nashville.

     There are several reasons to praise their song “Yesterday.” Yes, the vocals are strong. Still, the guitar work is the more significant attraction. And the arrangement is extraordinary. For example, there is a steadily mounting crescendo that starts at 2:33 and ends with a drop (3:12) to a rhythmic guitar.

     Quoting their bio:
  By way of Boston, Ike Fontaine (Guitar, Lead Vocals) and Luke Fontaine (Bass, Vocals, Keyboards) formed FONTAINE in 2017. After years of touring as an acoustic duo, the brothers got right to work recording in Boston with the help of one of Q Divisions brightest, James Bridges (Engineer/ Producer).
  Now based in Nashville, 2018 promises a plethora of new music, video releases, and live shows from the newly minted FONTAINE driven by their authentic blend of brother harmony, folk and alternative rock.

     “Yesterday” by Fontaine 


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