Saturday, November 16, 2013

Arthur Beatrice Is Heading to the U.S. – A Concert Opportunity

      We haven’t hidden our appreciation for the music of Londoners Arthur Beatrice. The introduction of the band to Indie Obsessive was on June 5, 2013. There was an Arthur Beatrice update on September 17 and their song “Grand Union” is in the “Best Songs of 2013” blog entry of September 1.
     So, while browsing through lists of upcoming concerts in the San Francisco area, we were disbelievingly excited upon seeing the name Arthur Beatrice. It was a disbelieving excitement because a trip to the U.S. had not been presented as a possibility on the band’s Facebook page. So, we went to the website of Arthur Beatrice. Nothing there either.
     We didn’t want to take any chances. We each bought a ticket with the thought, “Well, on March 6 we will see some band named Arthur Beatrice, hope it’s the one we like.” Fortunately, the website of the venue (The Chapel) confirmed that the tickets are for “The” Arthur Beatrice.
     This has the potential of being one of the better concert bargains of 2014. A ticket is $16 ($12 for the ticket and a $4 charge). We recommend that you listen to the music embedded below and, if you agree with our assessment of the band, monitor the Arthur Beatrice announcements of the tour. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, don’t wait too long to buy tickets - CLICK HERE for ticket information
     The members of the band are Orlando Leopard (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, organ), Ella Girardot (lead vocals, keyboards, organ) and brothers Elliot (drums, backing vocals) and Hamish Barnes (bass, backing vocals).
     "Grand Union" by Arthur Beatrice (a live performance of the song is embedded below).

     "Carter" by Arthur Beatrice

     "Butcher's Hook" by Arthur Beatrice

     "Vandals" by Arthur Beatrice

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