Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eliza and the Bear – A Band Review

     Our unofficial, amateur assessment of the odds that Eliza and the Bear will visit San Francisco became slightly more optimistic recently. It turns out that the London-based band has a link to San Francisco. It’s not a link that will support much weight, but we enjoy the music of the band and we grasp at optimism.
    We read that while one member of the band (Callie Noakes, we think) was visiting San Francisco, he bought a book of poems by Eleanor Rees (the cover is shown to the right). The name of the book and its last poem is Eliza and the Bear. There seemed to be a connection between the work of Ms. Rees and the themes of the early songs of the band. So, Ms. Rees was asked for permission to use the name and, happily, she consented. For more information about the book, visit the site: CLICK HERE.      
     During a year in which we have been paying more attention to trumpet playing in Indie, Eliza and the Bear is one of the standouts. The members of the band are James Kellegher (lead vocals, guitar), Callie Noakes (vocals, keyboards), Martin Dukelow (vocals, guitar), Chris Brand (bass), and Paul Kevin Jackson (drums). So, the trumpet in “Friends” and other songs by the band must be contributed by friends.
     “Friends” by Eliza and the Bear - This song first appeared on Indie Obsessive on July 21.

     “Brother's Boat” by Eliza and the Bear

     “It Gets Cold” by Eliza and the Bear - This is the Band's latest release.

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