Wednesday, November 20, 2013

“Reckless Heart” by Continues – A Song Review

     “Reckless Heart” is one of two songs being featured today, but in separate posts. "Reckless Heart" begins with the feel of a landing alien spacecraft, with that feel being disrupted slightly when the percussion starts at the 0:28 mark. Still, it’s the transition occurring at 1:06 that draws our attention. Then, it’s the more melodic synth and the vocalization style kicking in at 2:38 that makes the song blogworthy. Yes, the song progresses from interesting, to good, and then to blogworthy.
     "Reckless Heart" is a single from Continues, which is the moniker of Dan Gatto, a Los Angeles synthpop artist. In “Reckless Heart,” the synthesizer certainly plays a critical role. Nevertheless, the role is not so great that the vocals are subordinated. “Reckless Heart” was released in May 2012, so Indie Obsessive is behind the curve on this one.

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