Sunday, November 3, 2013

Three for Free – A November Pop Version

          Bands often temporarily permit free downloads of new releases.  The end of the offer may be based upon reaching a maximum number of downloads or the expiration of some period of time.  But at least for now, here are songs that qualify as Free, Legal and Recommended (FLR) downloads.
     This collection has a focus on Indie Pop offerings. If your musical tastes are not within the gravitational pull of Indie Pop, we recommend that you sample these anyway, but of course that’s your call. And with that mention of gravitational pull, let’s end with a bonus song from The Gravity Drive.
     We haven’t featured musicians from Greece often enough. The same is true of Brussels. Well, Plastic Flowers is a duo comprising George Samaras from Greece (SKG) and Anjel Paschalidis of Brussels. Lightheartedly, they describe their work as “A wannabe pop thing based somewhere between Brussels and SKG.” The track we favor is “Fog Song,” which was released in June 2013. The vocals are processed to provide a dream pop feel, and use of instruments qualifies as electronica. But we particularly like the temporary break that starts at the 1:19 mark.
     "Fog Song" by Plastic Flowers - Currently a free download

     On March 21, 2013, we introduced Francis International Airport to Indie Obsessive. That introduction is accessible by CLICKING HERESince then, the band has released the song “Pitched Pair.” We fluctuate as to which song of Francis International Airport is our favorite, so we are including a repeat of “The Right Ones.”  Francis International Airport is based in Vienna, Austria. The members of the band are Markus Zahradnicek, David Zahradnicek, Georg Tran, Christian Hölzel and Manuel Riegler.
     "Pitched Pair" by Francis International Airport -  if your browser doesn't show the download icon, CLICK HERE 

     "The Right Ones" by Francis International Airport - if your browser doesn't show the download icon, CLICK HERE.

     Moving from Europe to the United States, we have the duo that operates under the name The Analog Affair. The duo is based in Washington D.C. They are Evan Baker (Vocals/Lyrics) and Cody Moser (Arrangement/Composition). The song of choice is “Wild.”
      Wild" by The Analog Affair - if your browser doesn't show the download icon,  CLICK HERE.

     So, that leaves the gravity-related bonus we mentioned above. The Gravity Drive brings us “Circles.” This is another duo, but this one is a married couple. They are Elijah Wolf (Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, Piano) and Ava Wolf (Vocals, Programming, Arrangements). 
     “Circles” by The Gravity Drive

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