Thursday, November 21, 2013

November Is AusMusic Month – triple j Unearthed Download

     Of course, the music featured on a music blog reflects the tastes of its authors. So, one key to the music discovery that is critical to those of us with very short attention spans is to find the “right” music blogs. As we find a blog which regularly features music we enjoy, the blogsite is bookmarked or we “like” its Facebook page. At least as importantly, a bookmark or “”like” is added for blogs that stretch our boundaries of appreciation without being so far outside our tastes that we become disinterested.
     Some blogsites select a specialty that is based on a geographical area. Our favorites are The Pop Cop (, which has a focus on Scottish bands, and triple j Unearthed (, which has a focus on Austalian bands. This post is about an opportunity presented by the second of the two sites With approval from the bands, triple j Unearthed is allowing free downloads of 21 songs. The songs are within a range of genres, so there may be something for nearly everyone. For us, there are three that stand out. Anytime you can download three songs you intend to play regularly, it’s a strong setlist. As a “thank you” to triple j Unearthed, below is an introduction from the website:
     "To celebrate triple j’s Ausmusic Month, we've put together a selection of songs discovered on triple j Unearthed in 2013. (Even though every month is Ausmusic Month on!)
     triple j Unearthed is a national platform for discovering and sharing new independent Australian music. It’s also a full-time digital radio service devoted to programming the best new Australian music found from over 40,000 artists with music available for free download on Listen and discover the future sounds of Australian music.

     The direct connection for the 21 song offering is CLICK HERE.The list of songs:
1. The Kite String Tangle - "Given The Chance"
2. Bam Bam - "Bags Packed (Ft. Allday)"
3. Braves - "Heartslur II"
4. Dustin Tebbutt - "The Breach"
5. Tired Lion - "Desperate"
6. Loose Change - "Shoosh!"
7. Cosmo's Midnight - "The Dofflin (Wave Racer Remix)"
8. Little May - "Hide"
9. Major Leagues - "Endless Drain"
10. Born Lion - "D For Danger"
11. FLAMINGO - "Heart, My"
12. Cypher - "Liar"
13. Simone & Girlfunkle - "Secret"
14. Birdz - "Red Black And Yellow"
15. Lunatics On Pogosticks - "Blood Clot"
16. KLP - "Down South"
17. Olympia - "Atlantis"
18. The Love Junkies - "Baby, Come Home"
19. Tkay Maidza - "Brontosaurus (Ft. Bad Cop)"
20. Axolotl - "Avalanche" 
21.Robbie Miller - "Don't Go Walking Away"

The songs we recommend are:
       Dustin Tebbutt - "The Breach" - the song has already been introduced to Indie Obsessive.

     Little May - "Hide" - This is another repeat, because we featured another song by Little May. "Boardwalks" is the single by Little May (note: "Boardwalks" is not one of the 21songs).

     Cypher - "Liar"

     The Kite String Tangle - "Given The Chance"

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