Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Folks We Oughta Know – The November Version

     Recently, songs that are blogworthy and that qualify for the Indie Folk genre have been surfacing more frequently. An alternative explanation is that our definition of Indie Folk genre is broadening. Admittedly, some (or all) of the songs in this post fit just as easily into at least one other genre.
     Timberwolf is the performance moniker of Chris Panausakis, who hales from Adelaide, Australia. In August, Timberwolf released a five-track EP entitled “Man & Moon.” Our favorite track is “Into the Cold.” The song has a steady pace during the verse (such as the first 46 seconds), but goes uptempo during the chorus. Timberwolf uses falsetto often, without it being overly stressed. In "Into the Cold," the best is left for last - we love the layered vocals during the third visit to the chorus.

     According to the band, “The Silent Comedy is a San Diego-based group of musicians mixing Americana, Folk and Rock n’ Roll into a sound that is best understood by experiencing their live show.” The members are Chad Lee (percussion), Jeremiah Zimmerman (vocals, piano, guitar), Joshua Zimmerman (vocals and bass), and Justin Buchanan (banjo, guitar and mandolin).
    Our song of preference by The Silent Comedy is "Gasoline." And within the song, our favorite feature is the use of band chants.

     This is the third song, so let’s head to a third continent. Southern is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is primarily a brother/sister duo comprising Thom Southern and Lucy Southern, but they are joined by Jack Prince and Kevin Mooney. They identify their music as “a mixture of alternative acoustic, folk blues, pop." We are obsessive over their song “Shout It.” This one is more of a mixture of folk and rock.


     Gotta have another U.S. band in this blog entry, right? Well then, let’s go with a supergroup. In addition to singer/guitarist Jeff Angell and keyboardist Benjamin Anderson, Walking Papers includes musicians that were with Guns N’ Roses (bassist Duff McKagen) and Screaming Trees (drummer Barrett Martin). Throw in Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready on a couple of tracks of the debut album and you have a lot of talent. So, how are the songs of this Seattle-based supergroup? Our answer is that we enjoy “Leave Me in the Dark.” 

     Returning to music from Australia (Melbourne this time). Jimmy Hawk is offering “Yana Homme” as a free download. Hawk appears to have two bands. In Australia, he is often with The Endless Party, which has an electric approach. The bandmates are Thomas Van Der Vliet, Nic Dupleix-Pyke, Jack Wilson, Troy Ramaekers. and Alistair Self. When in the UK, Hawk identifies Geno Carrapetta as being the band.


     Finally, End of America brings us “Silver AM,” which has a more traditional folk sound than the above songs. This is a New York band with a name that is not intended as a political statement. The members are James Downes (vocals and electric guitar), Brendon Thomas  (vocals and banjo), Trevor Leonard (vocals, and acoustic guitar), Jarrod Pedone (drums) and Bean Pitonak (bass).

     End of America is not a political statement, but during the early 1970s there was a folk-directed song by Mason Profit that was such a statement. In fact, it was one of the best available. “Eugene Pratt”

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