Saturday, November 9, 2013

Freddie Dickson – A Singer/Songwriter Review

     The musical focus of Freddie Dickson seems to be on troubled relationships. If you are currently working through a bad breakup, RUN FROM THIS POST!!! 
     There is a sequence of adjectives for the music of Freddie Dickson. “Poignant” is perhaps the best adjective in describing the lyrics. “Passionate” and “soulful” are certainly appropriate adjectives for Dickson’s approach to the lyrics. “Pained” provides insight into the direction of that passion. And “haunting” is an accurate term for the vocal processing that helps establish the perception of the pain.   
     Freddie Dickson identifies his hometown as Shepherd’s Bush, London. He is in his mid-twenties, but appears to have the relationship sophistication of four people his age. That level of sophistication may only be a desirable trait if you are a singer/songwriter, so we're not sure whether to be happy or sympathetic for Dickson. 
     Dickson just released another song – “Minimal Love.” It joins “Shut Us Down” on our short list of 2013 songs that have an impact any time we are willing to go on an emotional journey with an artist (he has the relationship “baggage,” but we join the journey).
      “Minimal Love” by Freddie Dickson - Currently, the song is being offered as a free download, if you register an email address and a birth date (CLICK HERE).

      “Shut Us Down” by Freddie Dickson - the Soudcloud feed cannot be isolated, so here is the video

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