Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Well, That’s Interesting (To Us, at Least) Part 1 of 2

     It’s very common to be able to fairly describe a musical group as being one that listeners will either like a lot or dislike more. We recognize that it is risky to give an example, because there will be disagreement. But “risk” is our middle name (Indie Risk Obsessive???). So, we give Jack White as an example.
     But we found a group where we apply that description of polarization on a micro level, instead of the usual macro level. That is, rather than describing the musical group as one that triggers a strong like or dislike among a population of people, this musical group causes an individual to have either a strong like or a strong indifference AND the like or indifference changes from day to day for that individual. That’s a long winded way of saying that one morning we may replay the same video multiple times, while the next morning we may not make it through even the first half of the video.
     Moulettes is another U.K. find. Their Facebook page lists the members as:
Hannah Miller - Lead vocals, cello, guitar;
Oliver Austin – Drums, guitar, glockenspiel, percussion, backing vocals;
Ruth Skipper – Co-lead vocals, bassoon, autoharp;
Anisa Arslanagic – Violin, backing vocals;
Jim Mortimore – Double bass, backing vocals
     Listen to the following videos. If you find yourself being indifferent, try it again tomorrow. It’s worth the effort.


  1. Was looking for Hannah Miller's solo work and it led me to this! Not even sure if it's the same Hannah Miller, but I like it!