Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mark Stoney - A Singer/Songwriter Review

      In January 2014, Mark Stoney will release another album. Unfortunately, most of us have only chanced upon his earlier material, so the response to the first sentence is likely a question of “Another?” Yes, Mark Stoney has been generating albums and singles since at least 2001. At that time, he was based in Sheffield, England. He has since relocated to Austin, Texas.
     This man is persistent and with the upcoming release of “More Than Animals,” we are hopeful that the persistence will be rewarded. The music of Mark Stoney has made its way into films and television shows, but he hasn’t received the level of recognition he perhaps deserves. Good luck Mark!
     The song that grabbed our attention is “We Belonged.” The song starts quietly, with a heavy dependence on Stoney’s voice. Instruments and vocal layering are added to increase the intensity as the song progresses. In “We Belonged” and other songs, there are touches of horns. Stoney has worked with the Austin-based band Quiet Company in the past, and we wonder if the horns are provided by members of Quiet Company.
     With the discovery of “We Belonged,” we looked deeper into the “More Than Animals” album. “Sweet Release” is another strong entry. And we were attracted to the consistent intensity build in the Soundcloud waveform for “Albatross,” which didn’t let us down.
     Below are the three preferred songs from the album and the Bandcamp site that allows pre-orders of “More Than Animals.”
     “We Belonged" by Mark Stoney

     “Sweet Release" by Mark Stoney

     “Albatross" by Mark Stoney

Pre-order “More Than Animals” at http://stoney.bandcamp.com/album/more-than-animals

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