Monday, November 4, 2013

The Colonel’s Men – A Band Review

     There are a number of good reasons to introduce The Colonel’s Men to Indie Obsessive. Among them are:
1. Most importantly, we enjoy their music, which resides in the Indie Folk Rock genre;
2. We like trumpets (and other horns) enough to have dedicated a post to the instrument (CLICK HERE, if interested), and the song “Sierras” includes the trumpet;
3. We recently dedicated a post to whistling in Indie (CLICK HERE, if interested), and the song “These Arms” begins with whistling;
4. The band is from Davis, California, which is within driving distance from us.

     The Colonel’s Men only established its Facebook in late September, 2013. But they are hitting the ground running. The band already has offerings at Noisetrade, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. 
     The Colonel’s Men is comprised of Sibel Alpdemir (vocals), Jacob Cross (drums, other percussion, and vocals), Erik Maroney (bass, guitar, piano, and vocals), Jeremy Reinhard (banjo, bass, and vocals), Jackson Vanover (guitar and vocals), Wesley Wang (violin). Even without hearing a song, that listing provides a confidence in stating that the band has promise. Five members contribute to the vocals. In addition to typical Indie instruments, there is a violin , a piano and a banjo. Moreover, within the recordings, “Vibraphone, woodwind, harp, and trumpet solos were done by musicians in the Davis Area” (quoting the band’s Facebook page).
     Our two preferred songs by The Colonel’s Men are embedded below. At least today, both are free downloads. To sample other songs by the band, go to the Bandcamp or the Noisetrade site shown below the embedded songs.  
     "Sierras" by The Colonel’s Men - The songs starts quietly, until the banjo and some attention-demanding percussion enter at the 0:59 mark. And the trumpet at 2:22...

     "These Arms" by The Colonel’s Men

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