Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Phoenix Foundation – A Band Review

     One of us (the one not enjoying a vacation) received an email from a friend. Jim asked if we had heard of the band The Phoenix Foundation. After a quick memory refresh, the answer was “Sure, the band released an album earlier this year.” The Phoenix Foundation dropped "Fandango" within a few days of an album release by France's Phoenix ("Bankrupt!"). The timing was interesting.
     Jim was particularly interested in the song “Buffalo.” That’s when recollection stopped. We looked at the list of tracks on "Fandango" and there was no “Buffalo” to be found. Jim's email contained a Spotify link to the track, but we started a search for another source. Turns out, it is the title track of an earlier release. The “Buffalo” album dropped in 2010 and we missed it completely. But after listening to the song, we reached agreement with Jim’s position that the title song desires attention.  It’s great to have friends!
     When we like a song as much as we did "Buffalo" after a first listen, the concern is longevity. Will we grow tired of a song as quickly as we grew to like it? But we are confident that "Buffalo" will withstand the test of time. It is not a song that "cheaply" grabs your attention by using lyrical hooks. And there are a number of energy transitions that keep the song interesting. We particularly favor the transition starting at the 2:48 mark.
     The Phoenix Foundation is based in Wellington, New Zealand. The members are Luke Buda, Will Ricketts, Samuel Flynn Scott, Conrad Wedde, Tom Callwood, Chris O'Connor, and Richie Singleton (Although, the band’s Wikipedia page identifies Singleton as a “past member”).
     "Buffalo"  There isn't a Souncloud stream, so here is the Bandcamp stream (the bonus is that three songs follow ""Buffalo" in this stream).
    There are also songs we enjoy from the 2013 album – “Fandango. "Black Mould" - this one reminds us of a Beck hit.

     "Thames Soup"

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