Wednesday, November 20, 2013

“Planetarium” by John Wolfington – A Song Review

     “Planetarium” is one of two songs being featured today, but in separate posts. The song is from the album named “The Magic Album” by John Wolfington. The album includes ten songs, each with a single-word title. We like to believe Wolfington put so much energy into “Planetarium” that creativity in song titles fell to the wayside.
     John Wolfington is based in New York, but previously spent six years in Los Angeles. He has been generating music since the 1990s, but hasn’t had that breakout song. “Planetarium” may change that. The song has a serious feel to it, even when as it swells starting at the 3:04 mark. Wolfington uses the term “gothic” as a Soundcloud descriptor of the album. That seems appropriate.
    “Planetarium” by John Wolfington

    Another track we enjoy is “Creatures.”

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