Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kiev – Another Generous Offer

     For this blog entry, we were tempted to find a clever way to refer to "Radiohead" without actually using the name, allowing Indie Obsessive to be perhaps the only blog to consider the band Kiev without dropping the “R” word. However, we just are not clever enough to pull it off without causing even us to groan.
     Kiev is based in Orange County in Southern California. The five members are Andy Stavas (piano, keyboards, saxophones), Brandon Corn (drums, percussion), Derek Poulsen (bass, computers), Alex Wright (piano, keyboards, guitars), and Robert Brinkerhoff (guitars, vocals). Kiev is generously offering five songs for the price of an email address, although they prefer that you be equally generous by leaving a tip. Our personal favorites are “3rnd” and “Failing Bough.”
     The offer of the download is through Noisetrade. The Noisetrade offer is embedded below. By clicking on the Noisetrade arrow, you can stream the songs before making a decision. Nevertheless, we are also embedding the Soundcloud streams of the personal favorites, since Soundcloud allows free movement within a song.
     "3rnd" by Kiev

     "Failing Bough" by Kiev

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