Sunday, November 17, 2013

“From the Indie Obsessive Mailbox” - Blitz//Berlin and Fishdoctor

     Blitz//Berlin is a band from Toronto. Yes, the Canadian city receiving so much attention because of its “colorful” mayor. When Indie Obsessive received an invitation to review Blitz//Berlin, we listened to the three songs available on Soundcloud. At first, we favored the song “Legend,” because we liked the band chants and the transition from intense to quiet at the 3:09 mark. However, the current favorite is “Outside.” It’s always a positive comment when songs by a band compete for being the fan favorite.
     Blitz//Berlin is dependent upon the synthesizer for its sound. While that certainly holds true for the song “Outside,” the lead vocals, band chants, and guitar work could carry the song. The band is currently offering the songs as a free download, merely by going to the band’s webpage -
     The email message from Blitz//Berlin is pasted below (we like the creative punctuation):
Hello Indie Obsessive //
Blitz//Berlin is a new project, and here is the first in a series of mixtapes //
A little bit about us //

We're four humans from Toronto who were raised on sci-fi movies and punk rock shows. Blitz//Berlin is the music we make together. We got our start scoring independent films (which we love to do), as well as making loud punk and hiphop in a studio we built here in TO. We basically spend all our time in said studio, staying up all night and trying to make good art //
We hope you like what you hear. There's much more to come //

      “Outside” by Blitz//Berlin

      “Legend” by Blitz//Berlin

     Five days ago, FISHDOCTOR let us know that they have a new release. The song is “Jackets.” FISHDOCTOR was introduced to Indie Obsessive in the blog entry of September 22 (CLICK HERE). The members are Michael Romano (vocals, guitar), Jared Lindbloom (vocals, keys), Michael Panico (guitar, keys), Alex Shifrin (bass), Brian Garbedian (drums), and Rocco Romanelli (auxiliary percussion).
     “Jackets" by FISHDOCTOR

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