Monday, March 24, 2014

Astronauts – A Band Alert

     This post won’t provide insights into Astronauts, since very little information is available. Astronauts is Dan Carney, who is based in London. The debut album will be released this year. 
     In his past musical life, Carney was the singer and guitarist of the five-member band that started as Dark Captain Light Captain, a name that was later shortened to Dark Captain.
     At least until the release of the album is near, the music does all the talking for Astronauts. We particularly like “Skydive,” with its quiet but insistent banjo background that is joined by strings at the 1:36 mark of the song.

      "Skydive" by Astronauts

      "Only Son" by Astronauts

      "Everything's a System, Everything's a Sign" by Astronauts

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