Monday, March 10, 2014

Birds of Tokyo – A Band Review and Concert Opportunity

     The album “March Fires” was released by Birds of Tokyo about a year ago. So, that’s not news (although the contents of the album remain relevant). The news is that Birds of Tokyo will visit the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on March 27, 2014.
     Birds of Tokyo are based in Perth, Australia. The members are Ian Kenny (vocals), Adam Spark (guitar), Ian Berney (bass), Adam Weston (drums), and Glenn Sarangapany (keys). “March Fires” is the fifth album of the band, but it is easily our favorite.
     The "song of preference" on the album is "Liquid Arms." The song is not available on Soundcloud, so the Youtube version is embedded below. However, has the song as a free download (we presume it's at the approval of the band) - CLICK HERE.

     "Lanterns" by Birds of Tokyo

     "This Fire" by Birds of Tokyo

      Echosmith will open for Birds of Tokyo at Rickshaw Stop. This a Los Angeles-based band formed of three brothers and one sister - Jamie Sierota, Noah Sierota, Sydney Sierota, and Graham Sierota.
    "Come Together" by Echosmith

    "Talking Dreams" by Echosmith

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