Tuesday, March 18, 2014

“Sienna” by Night VI – A Song Review

     In 2013, Indie Obsessive obsessed over the song “Thinking of You” by Night VI. The song found its way into three unrelated posts, including The Top 20 of 2013. Today, Night VI released “Sienna.” It’s another reason to monitor the tour announcements by the band, since we intend to be present if this six-member band visits our area of the music world.
      There are a number of instrument-related highlights in “Sienna,” although no instrument is featured. For example, the guitar that enters momentarily with a few crisp notes at 1:13 and then again at 1:19 is a touch that distinguishes the segment of the song from others, so that the song avoids the repetitiveness that characterizes songs that are quickly put together. But what sets Night VI apart from other bands is the quality of the female vocals. The members of Night VI are Sophie-Rose Harper, Jack Gourlay, Anna Pesquidous, Bo Morgan, Kristy Buglass and Bogart Giner.
      In talking about “Sienna,” lead singer Sophie-Rose explained that the track developed when
     "Jack came into a writing session with half a hangover on a Monday morning and offloaded a story about meeting his new girlfriend's ex and the hostile encounter that had ensued. It got us thinking about the special hurt when you're the one that’s been left behind. Lyrically the song became a patchwork of past relationships that hadn't grown into what we were once so sure they would become."
     “Sienna” by Night VI

     “Thinking of You” by Night VI

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