Saturday, March 15, 2014

“Seasoned Noise” by Manolo Panic – A Song Review

     Manolo Panic is a four-piece band based in Zurich Switzerland. The members are Ramon Margharitis (lead vocals, synthesizers, guitar), Laura Frei (bass, synthesizer, backing vocals), Michael Fiedler (drums, backing vocals), and Janick Zumofen (guitar, backing vocals).
      Within their song “Seasoned Noise,” we enjoy the vocals, but the instruments make this song what it is. For the first minute of the song, there is the appearance of an equitable distribution of attention to vocals and instruments, since the guitars, synthesizer and percussion seem to be satisfied with merely staying in attractive background riffs/beats. The first sign of a coup is the sparse, but insistent, guitar that steps in at the 1:06 mark. Sure, the guitar disappears again, but the threat has been presented. The vocals hold control for a while, but by the 2:41 mark they become distant and echoed.  Then, at 3:08, the instruments rule the song.
      “Seasoned Noise” by Manolo Panic

      “Seasoned Noise” - the video

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