Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sons & Lovers - From the Indie Obsessive Mailbox

     Some email submissions have a competitive advantage over the others. As one example, when an invitation is received to consider a new release from a band we already appreciate, the email receives attention. That particularly applies when the band has a history of writing songs about internal conflicts that aren’t merely based on a current or ended romance.
     So, we took notice when the email arrived regarding a new release from Sons & Lovers. The Indie Obsessive blog post of February 7 featured the video for “The Only One” by Sons & Lovers. The video illustrates the instantaneous change in perspective of a clearly troubled man when his son appears at the door about halfway through the video.
     The new release by Sons & Lovers is “Lover.” According to the band’s lead vocalist, "'Lover' was one of the first songs we wrote together. It focuses on the problems of self-identity, self-awareness and where you think you belong. Those worries we've all had where we often find it a very hard thing for people to talk about." This is one of those occasions when “lead” vocalist is meaningful, since other members of the band make significant contributions to the vocals. This certainly is true for “Lovers,” with its band shouts. Sons & Lovers is based in London and is comprised of Tom Lillywhite (vocalist) Josh Gimber (drums) Tim Hillier Brook (guitar) and Daniel Conti (bass). 
     Lovers" by Sons & Lovers
     Lovers" by Sons & Lovers - From last year

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