Monday, March 3, 2014

“Forest Fire” by Brighton – A Song Review

     Brighton is a five-member Norwegian band. If a requirement for band membership was a surname that starts with the letter “S,” it’s even more impressive that the song “Forest Fire” is so strong. The five members are Tom Strømø (vocals), Fredrik Skogland (guitar), Magne Sortland (synth), Øyvind Sørensen (bass), and Stian Simonsen (drums).
     “Forest Fire” begins with a sound similar to that of To Kill a King, one of our favorite under-the-radar bands (under-the-radar within the U.S.). But the similarity stops at the 0:45 mark, when the voice processing and the percussion change the texture of the song. But perhaps our favorite feature is the guitar that appears at 1:45 and lasts for fifteen seconds. Then again, the favorite feature might be the mini wall of sound that is built at the 3:00 mark. It all adds up to a song that deserves attention.
     “Forest Fire” by Brighton

     “Run Away” by Brighton

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