Thursday, March 27, 2014

The European Electronic Four

     Here are four songs that we believe can fairly be described as being Indie Electronic. The first is “Carmine” by Cloud Boat. This is a London-based duo comprising Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke. Past releases by Cloud Boat have fit more snugly in the Dream Pop genre, but “Carmine” relies more on vocalization with a storyline. 
     “Carmine” by Cloud Boat – at least for now, this is a free download.


     The four-member band called Dtwice added a choir to their song “Pleased to Meet You.” Now, there’s a great formula. The full title of the song is “Pleased to Meet You (feat. Boy & The Echo Choir).”   Dtwice is from Nantes, France and its name is shorthand for the initials of frontman David Darricarrere (chant, bass, moog, percussion). The other three members are Aymeric Maïni (guitar, vocals), Léa Colombet (piano, synthesizer), and Christophe Declercq (drums, vocals).
      Returning to London, we enjoy the music of Kate Miller. She is a singer/songwriter with a limited number of song releases (she is 19 years old, so that's understandable). The most recent release is “Collar Up.”

     Staying in the U.K., Rhodes offers “Your Soul.” David Rhodes claims Hitchin as his hometown. “Your Soul” is the lead single from Rhodes upcoming EP, which is entitled “Morning” and is scheduled to drop on May 12.

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