Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baseball Opening Day

     Yes, there have been two games played in Australia, but this is Opening Day for baseball in North America. In celebration, here are some baseball-related song titles or band names.

     Imagine yourself as being a founding member of a band that experiences some successes and some struggles over an exhausting fifteen year span, when suddenly your band explodes in terms of popularity. The recognition results in winning a Grammy. So, now what? Well, you could start a band. Using the moniker Bleachers, Jack Antonoff, who is a founding member of fun., released his debut single “I Wanna Get Better.”

      Young Stadium Club is based in Lodz, Poland (with a London connection). The combination of “stadium” in the band name and “home” in the song title, makes “Back Home” particularly appropriate. But we like “Waiting for the Lights” even more, so here are both.

The songs are currently available on a “Name your own price” basis on Bandcamp -

     “Littlest League Possible” by Guided By Voices 

      “Rock Bottom” by Modern Baseball

      “Together Again" by First Base

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  1. Solid choices. Didn't think I'd see Modern Baseball and Bleachers on here. Really dig the Bleachers song. Feels like where Jack picked up where Steel Train left off.