Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lightning in a Bottle - Part II

   In this post about the upcoming Lightning in a Bottle Festival, we will be feeding off yesterday's post but digging a little deeper into some of the groups that excite us most. As we mentioned, Phantogram will be headlining (so others are probably just as excited)!  They are an American electronic rock band consisting of two incredibly talented musicians, Josh Carter (vocals and guitar) and Sarah Barthel (vocals and keyboard).  They’re originally from New York and have been featured twice on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and last month performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live (reference the column to the left of this post for future Late Night Television Opportunities). This is one of our favorite songs, "Fall in Love," released just this year.

     Gramatik is also noteworthy and will be performing at Lightening in a Bottle.  He is a single dude, Denis Jasarevic, producing electronic music with a very funky and soulful feel. He started performing as Gramatik in 2008 and has hit #1 on Top 100 charts since.  He jokes that he is a "part-time musician and a full-time comedian so never take my music seriously, it's just one of my many elaborate jokes".  A cross between his music skills, he is quirky and sarcastic, which makes for a great live performance!  One of our favorite songs by Gramatik (also in the lines of love, but quite the opposite of Phantogram's "Fall in Love") is "So Much for Love." It's a real, feel-good song that's a great listen any day!

     We're also really excited for Baauer, who is best known for the famous "Harlem Shake" song. Baauer is Harry Bauer Rodrigues, a 24 year old guy producing electronic house music with some hip-hop influence, labeling the genre "trap". Below are the hit songs "Harlem Shake" and "Higher."

     And only because we love No Doubt, here is an awesome remix Baauer did of No Doubt's "Settle Down!"

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