Monday, March 17, 2014

Dead Heart Bloom – A Band Review

     A couple of years ago, Dead Heart Bloom released a song that fit comfortably within the Indie Folk genre, but the band defined the song’s genre more precisely as Ambient Folk. The song was “Flash in a Bottle.” It received some well-deserved exposure from NPR.
     We lost sight of Dead Heart Bloom, until opening an email invitation to consider a recent release from the band. The email included a link to “Broken Babylon.” OK, click on the link and it’s off to some good Ambient Folk; we thought. WRONG! There’s nothing folky about “Broken Babylon.” But one trait it has in common with “Flash in a Bottle” is that we like it.
     Dead Heart Bloom is formed of Boris Skalsky, Paul Wood and Jason Molina. Their Facebook page identifies their hometown as “New York City via DC.”

     "Flash in a Bottle" by Dead Heart Bloom

     "Broken Babylon" by Dead Heart Bloom

     "A Place to Understand" by Dead Heart Bloom

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