Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lightning in a Bottle – A Festival Opportunity

Click on the poster to enlarge.
     We’re giving serious thought to catching Lightning in a Bottle. The last two years, our travel festivals were Coachella and Austin City Limits. It’s time to expand the horizons, so Bonnarro 2014 (Manchester, Tennessee) here we come. In researching other festival options, we noticed that Lightning in Bottle has moved closer to our home base (San Francisco) and has selected a very accommodating weekend (Memorial Day weekend).
     In order to fit an expanding interest in the festival, the organizers of Lightning in a Bottle have moved its location over the years. The 2014 venue is the San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, California, which has a convenience for festival-goers in both Northern and Southern California. According to Google Maps, Bradley is 185 miles from San Francisco and 226 miles from Los Angeles.
     The musical focus of Lightning in a Bottle is on electronic performers. The 2014 lineup is shown in the poster at the top of this post. Clicking on the poster will expand it to a more readable size. However, the festival is more than just the music. According to the organizers, “Lightning in a Bottle is a fusion of electronic music and introspective qualities of installation art, live performance, spiritual workshops, and an overarching embodiment of cultural and environmental consciousness.”


     One of the headliners is Phantogram, which is currently receiving a lot of “love” in the blogosphere. Another headliner is Little Dragon. Two songs from Little Dragon are embedded below.

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