Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pacific Mean Time – A Band Preview

     What if we lived our whole life in the minutes to midnight? That’s the question that is asked in the first single (and currently only) from Portland’s Pacific Mean Time.
     Hey gang, let’s jump on the bandwagon of Pacific Mean Time while it’s not crowded. Well, we might need to help build the bandwagon before we jump on it; at the writing of this post, the band has 33 Facebook “likes.”
      There are reasons to believe the song “Minutes to Midnight” isn’t “beginner’s luck.” The members of Pacific Mean Time have been together for a while. They are 75 percent of the band Little Beirut, which generated some quality material, but didn’t receive the attention it deserved. The members are Edwin Paroissen (lead guitar and vocals), Hamilton Sims (guitar and vocals), and John Hulcher (bass).  

     Pacific Mean Time will release is debut album on May 27, 2014. But for now, we have “Minutes to Midnight,” which is currently available as a free download (in the .wav format).

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