Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cover Overshadows Original

     Sometimes mood and music come together purely by chance. Typically, it works the opposite direction: you recognize you’re in a particular mood (such as energetic or reflective) and music is selected to fit that frame of mind. But there are other times that are always a treat: when a song hits the radio speakers and seems perfect for the time, causing you to realize that you’re in a particular mood.
     Yesterday, the Silversun Pickups’ cover of Bob Dylan’s “Not Dark Yet” seemed perfect for the time. It is a shoegaze-heavy cover of the song. Covers fight an uphill battle, because music listeners are conditioned by the familiarity that comes with listening to the original a number of times before hearing the cover. Additionally, originality is encouraged.  Still, their are those occasion when Indie Obsessive enjoys the original, but prefers the cover.
       "Not Dark Yet" by Silversun Pickups (covering Dylan with shoegaze)

     We love the cover of "Tugboat" by Meursault. It gives that Scottish feel to the Galaxie 500 song. Currently, this is a free download - CLICK HERE.

     No offense Bob (Mr. Dylan), we love your stuff. Honest! Nonetheless, here’s “Tomorrow Is a Long Time” by Phosphorescent. It's the small swell at the 2:50 mark that grabs us. The song is from Sweetheart 2014, a compilation of love song covers from Starbucks.

     This one is even more difficult, because the original by Little Dragon is very strong. But the Waterstrider version of “Twice” is vocally superior.

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