Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Amber Run – A Band Review

     Sometimes, it’s easier to recognize the lack of wisdom in a sentence than it is to act upon the recognition. As an example, when is it wise to start a sentence with the expression “It goes without saying that….?” If it goes without saying, then why mention it?” That said:
     It goes without saying that the goal of every band is to surpass expectations with each new release. Not many bands can meet such a goal. But the UK band Amber Run continues to surprise. Reviewing the chronology of their songs available via Soundcloud, the oldest is “Hide & Seek” (a cover of Imogen Heap). It generated some buzz in Europe. The song includes a guitar-driven crescendo that ends with a strong acappella portion (at about 2:47). A short time later, Amber Run dropped a four-track EP (“Noah”), which included the song “Little Ghost.” The song became our favorite by the band, until “Heaven" was released a few months later. ‘Heaven” features some Angels & Airwaves guitar and another acappella portion that has some Bastille-like (Dan Smith) falsetto toward the end of the song.
     The most recent release is the single “Spark.” This song has more Rock to it. At the 2:06 mark, the guitar dominates with a passion. It's now our song of choice from Amber Run, but that may change when their next song becomes available.
      The members of Amber Run are Will Jones, Tom Sperring, Josh Keogh, Henry Wyeth, and Felix Archer, who met while attending the University in Nottingham.

     "Spark" by Amber Run

     "Heaven" by Amber Run

     "Little Ghost" by Amber Run

     "Hide & Seek" by Amber Run

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