Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tin Star Orphans – A Band Review

     Yes, it was the guitar in the final minute of “Holiday on Ice” that provided the motivation to travel through the entire album of Tin Star Orphans, but we enjoyed the journey. Unfortunately, we are a little late in trying to help the band with its Kickstarter crowd fundraiser. There are only hours left ( The positive news is that Tin Star Orphans has reached its goal of $6000, so they didn’t really need our help. Still, they certainly could put additional funding to good use.
     The Bandcamp site for the self-titled album (released on March 17, 2014) states, “This is a renewed and reinvigorated Tin Star Orphans. With a new beginning comes a new outlook. The band has parted ways with their record label in order to breathe more intimacy and passion into their work as they live and die for their music and for you, their fans.” It’s easy to be skeptical when reading such assertions, but the reality is that the album does exhibit intimacy and passion. This is most evident in “Holiday on Ice,” with its use of distant vocals, its simple but reflective lyrics, and the driving guitar that dominates the final minute.

The lyrics of “Holiday on Ice”
I am the avalanche that obliterated your poor town
I am the missing dog that your cousins never found
I am an orphanage full of runty broken kids
I am a lullaby that your father now forbids
I am an orchestra at the bottom of the lake
I am an astronaut forever floating out in space
I am the holiday that we never got to take
I am the sad mistake that's written all over your face
I guess i let you down
I know i let you down
But i swear it's the last time.

      Tin Star Orphans are based in Toronto, Canada. The members are Zachary Bennett (acoustic guitar and lead vocals), Dave Fenton (bass), Dean Marino (electric guitar, bass and backing vocals), Johnny Rowe (drums), Steve Savage (piano, hammond and keyboards). The Tigerlily artwork for the new album is by Mark Denomme.
     "Tigerlily" by Tin Star Orphans

     "1K Years" by Tin Star Orphans

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