Tuesday, May 6, 2014

“First Light” by Racing Glaciers – A Song Review

     It’s not a secret; we enjoy the use of the trumpet in almost any genre. The instrument has a significant influence on the texture of any song, even when merely playing a minor supporting role. We exited our trumpet-obsessed phase last year, but will continue to have an appreciation for what the instrument is able to bring to the Indie party.
      Racing Glaciers released “First Light” today. Yes, it includes the trumpet. But it doesn’t rely on any one instrument, since there are other instruments that perform at least as important of a role. It’s not a synergistic approach to blending the musical instruments. In fact, they aren’t blended until relatively late in the song. Instead, it is more of a featured-by-rotation approach to the instrumentation. At the start, the guitars are featured, with the drums and piano soon providing important support. Then, the lead vocals are the featured instrument, with the kick drum soon providing important support. And the rotation continues…

     According to their press release for “First Light:”
     “It's quite a personal song" explains guitarist Danny Thorpe, "it’s about consciously choosing ignorance over acceptance at the end of a relationship. The 'biting your tongue' line kind of sums it up. Trying to stop that person from saying what you don't want them to say so it doesn't become real."
     Racing Glaciers are from Macclesfield, Britain. The members are Tim Monaghan (vocals, guitar and keyboards), Danny Thorpe (guitar and backing vocals), Matt Scheepers (bass, trumpet and backing vocals), Simon Millest (guitar) and Matt Welch (drums).
      “First Light" by Racing Glaciers

     “Moths" by Racing Glaciers

     “South" by Racing Glaciers

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  1. Have you heard Kim Churchill's "Window to the Sky"? I love the trumpet part near the end. Great video too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy04V45dgrw