Monday, May 19, 2014

As Elephant Are – A Band Review

     Typically, if there is a band we know reasonable well, it is easy to identify the song that is favored over the others released by the band. But there are exceptions and As Elephants Are is one. [“…Are is one.” Grammar check isn’t going to like that sentence.] There are three songs that are candidates. The first is “Lucifer,” a 2013 release. Two more are from 2014, namely “Hand Prints” and “Went Wrong.”
     If pressured to make a selection, we opt for “Went Wrong,” because it includes multiple instances of the feature that we appreciate most from the songs of As Elephants Are. While the vocals don't have the same draw as other songs by the band, there are three instances of an energy surge driven by their guitar sound. In “Went Wrong,” the guitar-driven surges occur at the time marks of 1:06, 2:12, and 3:01. In comparison, “Lucifer” only has one, which starts at the 2:26 mark. In contrast, the attraction to the song “Hand Prints” is the incorporation of horns into the song.
     As Elephants Are hails from High Wycombe, Britain. The members are Robert Waters (drums), Harry Roche (bass), Joe Miller (guitar) and Ben Stratford (vocals and guitar).

     "Went Wrong" by As Elephants Are

     "Lucifer" by As Elephants Are

     "Hand Prints" by As Elephants Are

     "Kingdom" by As Elephants Are - the lastest release from the band

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