Saturday, May 3, 2014

Khushi – A Friend Revisited

     London-based Khushi continues to release music with intelligence in the interplay among song features, so that the music remains fresh regardless of any frequency of play. Our favorite is still “Magpie,” which only superficially uses the horns until after the two-minute mark, but then gives the horns an important role in carrying the remainder of the song.
     The more recent “In the Sun” and "Phantoms" do not include a trumpet emphasis. Particularly for "In the Sun," the vocals are emphasized. Somehow, even the energized segments of the song possess a quieting vocalization characteristic. It as if the group The XX (fellow Londoners) discovered a gear it previously thought did not exist. It should be noted that the Khushi songs require some listener analysis in order to be fully appreciated.
      "Magpie" by Khushi

     “In the Sun" by Khushi

          “Phantoms" by Khushi

          “You Say" by Khushi - This was released about a year ago

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