Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Douga – A Band Review

     Next week, Douga will release an album entitled “The Silent Well.” Thus far, three songs are readily available, and we recommend all three. But “Kids of Tomorrow” is the best in showing the flexibility of Douga.
     Douga is based in Manchester, UK. The band is driven by Johnny Winbolt-Lewis (vocals, guitar and drums) and John Waddington (keyboards and bass). Other contributors to the album are Raúl Carreño (guitar) and “DBH” (violin).
     “Kids of Tomorrow” cuts across a number of genres. The song starts with a Garage-like guitar, but at the 1:01 mark, the distortion is temporarily reduced. The sound is often Psychedelic, but can be considered Post-Rock or Atmospheric starting at the 3:22 mark. Regardless of genre labeling, the song deserves attention.
     “Blue Is Nothing” relies more heavily on the vocals, at least at the beginning and end. Like “Kids of Tomorrow,” this song is currently being offered as a free download. That may change when the “The Silent Well” album drops on May 19.
         “Kids of Tomorrow” by Douga

     “Blue Is Nothing” by Douga

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