Saturday, May 10, 2014

Coasts – A Band Review

     Coasts is a Bristol-based band that can only be fairly judged on the basis of its collection of work. As of today, Coasts doesn’t have that “fame-grabbing song.” You know, that song that receives a broad range of attention and causes people to be curious about the rest of the band’s discography. When that song arrives, Coasts will explode. The good news is that Coasts isn’t just hovering around such a song. Their most recent release, “See How,” is our favorite. And it supplanted their other May 2014 release as that favorite.
     Certainly, Coasts doesn’t “channel” the sound of any other band for its sound. Still, there are times when Coasts’ songs have a familiarity with other bands. The familiarity is typically with guitars in songs of another band, such as The 1975. However, “See How” has a Biffy Clyro vocal moment, which starts at the 2:40 mark and includes an energy swell and fidelity upgrade. This section of the song is particularly well arranged, produced and executed.
     Coasts is a UK five-piece band comprising Chris Caines (vocals), Liam Willford (guitar), James Gamage (bass and backing vocals), David Goulbourn (keys) and Ben Street (drums).
     "See How" by Coasts

     "Golden City" by Coasts

     "Oceans" by Coasts

     Coasts is still offering free downloads at its Bandcamp site:

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