Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Band Vocalization – The Post Was Destined To Be

     Yesterday, while going through the email submissions, we heard “Elephants” by Fire/Works. It is a song with a number of interesting features. There is an unusual sound, which is an instrument-generated imitation of disheartened elephants. Also, there is an accordion. And we enjoy the recurring energy surges, such as at the 1:29 mark. Plus, there are the sections in which the quality of the vocals is attention grabbing, such as at the 1:23 mark. However, the feature that is of greatest interest is the band vocalization that first enters at 3:03 and then hits with greater force at 4:18. There is an attraction to a multi-member vocal participation that is 80 percent musical and 20 percent yelling.
     Later in the day, we listened to a “Runner Powered Podcast” that is hosted at the KEPX website ( It included two songs with the multi-member vocal participation. The first was Elliot Brood’s “Write It All Down for You,” which was released in 2008. In this song, the band vocalization is periodic shouts of “Hey, Hey, Hey!” Then, came Port O’Brien’s “I Woke Up Today,” which was a 2007 release with a focus on the band vocalization.
     With three songs having the same song feature, it seemed clear that writing a post about the feature was predestined.

       Fire/Works is the Montreal duo of Jonathan Peters and David Lagacé. Our impressions of their song "Elephants" have been stated above, so let's add the press release material:
     Months before the release of "Shenanigans" - the duo’s second album after the acclaimed "Grand Voyageur," - the Montréal artists unveil “Elephants”. Guided by Peters’ warm voice, the guitar, accordion and percussions mimic the unsteady march of these gigantic beasts. In the immense darkness of the Indian forest, the herd suddenly seems lonely and vulnerable, much like the human heart. To comfort it, a rallying chorus rises and, with it, the bright promise of dawn.
     “Elephants” by Fire/Works

      Elliott Brood is also from Canada – Toronto. It’s a three-piece band comprising Casey Laforet (guitar, vocals and bass pedals), Stephen Pitkin (percussion and vocals) and Mark Sasso (guitar, banjo, ukulele and lead vocals).
      "Write It All Down for You" by Elliott Brood. The song is offered as a free download at the KEXP site 

     Port O’Brien hails from California, primarily the San Francisco Bay Area. The current members are Van Pierszalowski, Cambria Goodwin and Ryan Stively.
     “I Woke Up Today” by Port O'Brien

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