Sunday, May 25, 2014

“Ordinary Life” by Lewis Hurrell – A Song Review

     When there’s time to do so, we enjoy studying a song’s Soundcloud waveform before listening to the music for the first time. Too often, it’s all too apparent that the song is one dimensional, since the top of the waveform is flat-lined. On the other hand, if the amplitude is too choppy, the song typically lacks sufficient melodic flow for us to appreciate the track. Regardless of the waveform, we still listen to the song because there are song characteristics more important than amplitude variation.
     There was no temptation to avoid listening to “Ordinary Life” by Lewis Hurrell. The waveform (captured above) shows promise. We added two red arrows at sudden amplitude drops that evidence a multi-dimensional song. And we added two blue arrows at sections of the song with gradual amplitude increases that often are associated with energy swells.
      But the waveform did not prepare us for just how strong the song is. No waveform can provide an indication of the quality of the voice(s) or the passion in the vocals. Nor can a waveform telegraph the arrangement of the instruments or their cooperation with the vocals. We favor traditional percussion over the percussive sounds that play an important role in “Ordinary Life,” but the electronically generated percussion does work well in this song. This is a song that deserves attention.

     According to his Facebook page:
Lewis Hurrell is an American songwriter/producer from Sebastopol, California. He holds dual citizenship between the U.K. and America as a result of being born in England. After living in the U.K., Australia, and Colorado, Lewis eventually landed in Northern California and spent 10 years there growing up before moving back to the U.K. when he was 22. He helped start the band “Bob Dean” while he lived in Manchester, playing keyboards for them and recording a full album. He also played keyboards for the pop rock group “Mike Moss.”
     “Ordinary Life” by Lewis Hurrell (Hurrell is currently allowing free downloads at Soundcloud):

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