Thursday, May 29, 2014

Josh Record – A Reintroduction

     OK, this is embarrassing. We bumped into the song “Wide Awake” by Josh Record and enjoyed it with the first listen. The song is artistically arranged and produced. The voice is pure and the song’s message is well articulated. Over the following two days, we listened to “Wide Awake” a number of times and the attraction to the song grew stronger.
     So, the decision was made to find out more about Josh Record and his other material. Using one of the Internet search engines, we inserted “Josh Record” and “singer/songwriter” into the search field. Among the search results was a link to a post at Indie Obsessive. What??? Sure enough, we wrote a blog post in July 2013 about the Josh Record song “The War.” After going to the post, it all became clear, but…. 
     We apologize Josh. It will not happen again.

     "Josh Record is a singer/songwriter based in London (technically, Brixton). Somehow, this guy is able to bring a given set of speakers, headphones or ear buds to a level of fidelity that previously did not seem possible from that set. It is fair to refer to his recordings as being "produced," but it is not to the point that the song itself becomes secondary. The lyrics are intelligible over the production (and the lyrics are intelligent). Josh Record's voice is pure enough that the higher fidelity certainly works in his favor. His music has gained traction in Europe, but the North American continent is lagging in the awareness of Josh Record."

     “Wide Awake” by Josh Record

     “The War” by Josh Record

     “Bones” by Josh Record

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