Friday, May 2, 2014

“Blood” by Escapists – A Song Review

     Escapists devised an effective formula for a hit single. Start with one part Bombay Bicycle Club guitar, but with a second guitar that distinguishes “your sound” at the start of the song. Add one part Kings of Leon vocalization, but without an emphasis on their incantation and with harmonization and other vocalization characteristics that distinguish “your sound.” Mix in five parts Escapists, such as the guitar drive at the 2:30 mark and some interesting lyrics (“We’ve been up all night slurring vocabulary.”). Voilà! It’s your hit “Blood.”
     Escapists are a London band formed  of Simon Glancy (lead vocals and guitar), Oli Court (guitar), Max Perryment (bass) and Andy Walsh (drums).
     “Blood” by Escapists

“Burial” by Escapists

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