Thursday, May 8, 2014

“Not Looking Good” by Waterdeep – A Song Review

     Sometimes in televised sports, the most effective approach to maximizing the appreciation by the viewing audience is to just remain silent. If the moment is dramatic, a description is more likely to be a distraction than an aid to the audience. Remaining silent is inconsistent with the skill set that brings success to sports announcers, but the ones who are secure in their profession recognize those times when it is best to step aside and let the event carry the moment.
     Sure, it’s different with blogging. But we don’t know how to aid in the appreciation of the song “Not Looking Good” by Waterdeep, so we aren’t going to try. It is the type of song that you either will find immediately attractive, as we did, or will question the reason for the fuss.
     Waterdeep is based in Nashville, Tennessee and is the husband-and-wife songwriting team of Don and Lori Chaffer. Embedded at the bottom of this post is a Kickstarter video that provides some insight into the entertaining personalities of the two.
     “Not Looking Good” by Waterdeep

Not Looking Good (The lyrics)
By Lori Chaffer

It’s not looking good for us
What made it through the flood is now covered in rust
It’s not really working like I thought
But I can’t take it back
Like something I wish I’d never bought

I’m sorry that I dragged you all this way
For no one to call us back, no one you can play with
I could plant a thousand little seeds
But I can’t see a garden, just dirt up to my knees
Say it isn’t over, no, I need a second chance
I need a second chance.

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